VOTING FREQUENCY : 10 times per day @ 200 credits each

VOTING PERIOD : 2017.4.07 ~ 2017.4.28 24:00 [ midnight ]


This time around the app is easier to navigate for the i-fans as it is available in English.


Use Facebook or Google Accounts or Email

Your mobile number will have to be entered to verify.
A code will be sent to your mobile. Use that to enter and submit.


It is no secret that the Popularity Award is how the organizers get fans to help fund their ceremony.

While it is true that money can be better allocated for charities or other purposes, we do hope to see Bogum up on stage receiving an award, ‘bought’ with fans’ time, effort and money.

There are two ways you can charge your account to vote:


NOTE : there is a safety purchase rule set by Google so do not risk only purchasing your first set of points say 1035pm at night. That will be too late for the Korean day which ends earlier than most of our Timezones in SE Asia. So when you get to purchase your second set it could be already the next day and you would have wasted 5 votes.

I calculated that it will cost USD 44 | 62 SGD | 195 Mal Ringgit etc to vote for 3 weeks … It is definitely NOT CHEAP.
Please do not feel the need to go hungry to vote. But skipping one or two Starbucks may actually be good for us hehe

If you choose the FREE route, there are plenty of games you can download to play and gain credits.
However please take care when apps ask for your credit card information, because that is always rather risky.

Even if you cannot spare the time or money, you can help by promoting this on your SNS to other Bogum fans!
Nothing you do will be too small ♥


Now that you have charged your account to vote a precious 10 times a day, head over the the second button at the bottom of the app.

Do take note that it is not 10 times per category.
It is 10 times in total no matter which categories you decide to vote for.


Firstly, we are happy to say that since this voting started, Bogum’s Korean, China fans have agreed that they will also take part.
This will be great since last year part of the fandom did not join until a later time and we lost by a tiny percentage TT

It will be good to vote at the same time everyday, with a group of friends. This way, you won’t forget about it and you can also feel motivated when you see the percentage jump.

We need to be aware that other fandoms may vote all at the last minute before the day is over.

Baeksang takes an average of the voting percentage over the period of voting.
If you check the upper right corner there is a button you can tap to see the final value updated to the day itself.

So please don’t think its safe just because Bogum win at 40% these past 2 days… because another actor can catch up if he wins by a much higher percentage consistently later on.

Happy Voting everyone! ♥

Disclaimer :

All the activities should be done in moderation and only in your precious free time.

NO real life relationships should suffer or be strained due to fangirl activities.

As our dear Bogummy has set a great example to follow: students should prioritize your studies.
Eg Vote or Study for Exams? STUDY!
Sleep or Vote? Sle..-Vote!…er…Slee…

Thanks to all my friends who taught me the precious ways to fangirling, I learnt so much from you all in this past year.
I shall fangirl well…

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