Jan 16 2017, Park Bo Gum becomes the first male endorser of Ghana chocolate, for the first time in 40 years since its launch in 1977!

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In the beginning of January, Ghana teased an event asking people to guess who is their new model.

Releasing his initials ㅂ P ㅂ B ㄱ G, Bogum fans went into an SNS frenzy as the familiar silhouette was all but too obvious as to who the mystery model was.

Subsequently throughout February, Park Bo gum charmed ladies everywhere and fans went gaga over the Valentine’s Day gift boxes.

During the Singapore Fanmeet on Feb 18, it would seem that Ghana was the reason Bogum failed one of the telepathy questions with Song Jong Ki…
When they were asked “Candy or Chocolate?” Bogum answered chocolate while Song Jong Ki said candy… then an abashed Bogum laughed and explained softly…” …Ghana…” What more can an endorser hope for?

[ Disclaimer: this was heard by me, untrained in Korean, so I cannot say with absolute certainty that was what happened after he chose chocolate… hahahah ]



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