Nov 17, we saw the DOMINOS TVC uploaded on their official channel. The next day, some really adorable BTS shots of Bogum with his Blossom-Sunbae-co-Endorser, Song Joong Ki for Dominos CF filming clips.

There will be special limited edition boxes for fans in Korea to indulge in. New flavours and special NEW box?! SIGH… *envious*

In the NG clip at 0:35 we can hear Bogum using his famous line from his drama “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”, as he playfully tries to stop Song Joong Ki from getting the last slice of pizza. “I do not permit it.” and all on set broke out into laughter as Song falls back laughing in defeat after his initial surprise.

We take no responsibility for the hunger pangs you may feel after viewing this CF.



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