Follow steps here:

Once you get a free Naver account, you can participate in giving hearts, upvoting the positive comments to the news articles as well as his Naver videos.
( See example boxed in green of a news page below or click to see the page in full )

Your searches for 박보검 on Naver search engine will also help in contributing to helping Bogum ‘trend’.
This allows him more positive exposure and keeps him in the public eye.

Such trending exercises usually occur during his dramas or variety show appearances.

Check with fellow fans on SNS to see if such an event will be occurring and join in the (mindless) fun!
Its really quite satisfying to see his name appear in the top 10 hottest search terms!

Disclaimer :

All the activities should be done in moderation and only in your precious free time.

NO real life relationships should suffer or be strained due to fangirl activities.

As our dear Bogummy has set a great example to follow: students should prioritize your studies.
Eg Vote or Study for Exams? STUDY!
Sleep or Vote? Sle..-Vote!…er…Slee…

Thanks to all my friends who taught me the precious ways to fangirling, I learnt so much from you all in this past year.
I shall fangirl well…

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