Park Bo Gum:
“I want to become a person who is a good influence”

This is actor Park Bo Gum’s story.

The interview was conducted in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Even the air surrounding him felt warm.

Before conducting himself as an actor, he conducted himself as the person Park Bo Gum.

As I listened to each word that he said, the thought that he was really a good person came to me.

What would it be like from a person like that talking about ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds’.
Since his debut, he felt the burden of doing his first sageuk and his first leading role.
‘MDBC’ was already a challenge for the actor Park Bo Gum to overcome. However, saying “it’s true that a big burden was felt”, he felt lucky.

“It was a sageuk that I had wanted to try. I had even read an episode of the web novel in the past, and there were a lot of things to be excited about. I remember that I was grateful that I could participate in a work that captured the beauty of a Korean summer and the beauty of the national palaces.”

“When I was first cast, I read the script slowly, enjoying it. I had a lot of confidence that I could make the ‘Lee Yeong character mine and get a feel for him’, but as time passed, anxiety started creeping in.

As many people become interested in the actor Park Bo Gum and his next work, a feeling of burden develops.”

“At the beginning of shooting, it was very difficult.

I couldn’t get a feel for the character’s core and I couldn’t get assurance in my acting.

I prayed internally, and I relied on the director and the writer to get me to the end.

More than that, trusting and relying on the senior actors, I was able to find the core and go till the end. (smiles)”

‘MDBC’ tells the story of the unpredictable court romance of the Crown Prince Lee Yeong and disguised eunuch Hong Ra On.

Thus, there are many significant scenes and significant lines which are easily recognised.

‘I forbid it. (S)he’s my person.’ ‘So, stay by my side.’ more than can be counted on one’s hands.

Asked to name a line that held special meaning for him, he said he had prepared one already and read directly from an underlined part.

“There are really a lot. It’s not just the story of Lee Yeong and Ra On, it’s a line about living a life.

‘Sending someone off well as much as being able to love them (directly) is also an act of love, perhaps the memory of having received love could forever be a source of strength, who knows?’ is the line.

It means that whoever has received love, because of that love may be able to endure hardship and difficulty in their lives. It’s come to mean a lot.”

“During shooting, I read the emotion in Ra On’s eyes. Actually, the various different ending scenes had lots of memorable lines, but more than all the passing lines said, there were a lot of people who made me feel emotions. I want to give my gratitude to the writer who wrote the script and the writer who wrote the novel as well. Just taking part in such a work as this has been very meaningful.”

He reflected on the past like a kaleidoscope. Through 19 year old Crown Prince Lee Yeong, what was it that he wanted to say directly.

“I wanted to tell the story of one country’s Crown Prince changing his nature from Lee Yeong’s point of view. I wanted to show the process of overcoming and winning out over the trials and tribulations.

There is a sweet romance, however, I think there are also a lot of other stories contained within it.”

“When the lines ‘His Majesty Has Arrived’ was said, there were many reddened eyes. Instead, the past footsteps had been heavy, and as Park Bo Gum, I thought ‘Now, I am letting Lee Yeong go’.

Finally at the thought of whether Lee Yeong had become ‘a king wanting to reduce the distance’ between him and his people, I thought it was over.”

Today I was with fans who had gathered since the morning to see him.
That is how much interest his every little move generates.

Asked how things are different now, he answered “My sense of responsibility is increasing.”

As the number of fans have increased, he is regretful that he can’t meet all of their eyes and he doesn’t want to them to become hurt.

Fortunately the public is able to see, the virtue of his sense of responsibility that he feels with his entire life and so they are unable to stop thinking of “Park Bo Gum. Park Bo Gum”.

“The sense of responsibility increases with each work. In truth, I didn’t know that I would ever receive so much attention and love. I would like it if my sincerity does not become distorted. As the number of fans increase, I realized that I can’t greet each one directly looking into their eyes. I think that I am here because they loved me and cheered me on.”

He seems to really be like that.

Saying “I think it is a great blessing to be able to leave oneself through a beautiful filmography,” he does not forget his gratitude even until the end.

I became curious what the ultimate purpose of a person like this Park Bo Gum was.

He responded as if he had been waiting “I want to be a person who provides a good influence for people” and smiled brightly.

“To be a person who provides a good influence is the reason I wanted to be an actor.

I feel warm and grateful whenever I hear that someone is getting strength or healing from me.

Just this is a great blessing for me. I want to be a good influence and a warm person.”

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