APPLE DAILY | 28 NOVEMBER 2016 | By Wang Yi Wen




The 23 year old Korean new gen actor Park Bo Gum has become a sensation with this year’s sageuk < Moonlight Drawn by Clouds >, and on this day, he accepted interviews from Taiwan media in Seoul, Nonhyeon-dong.

Recently, he has been surrounded by crowds when he was travelling overseas with the cast and crew, and even when he goes to classes. He smilingly said, because of <Moonlight> drama, many overseas fans now know him, and while he felt very thankful, he was a little saddened that his personal life has not been respected. He gravely said ” I am also a person.” and earnestly hopes that everyone can give him a little more privacy.

5 years ago, Park Bo Gum debuted with a movie < Blind >, became more well known after last year’s < Reply 1988 >, and now became a leading actor with <Moonlight>. His role as the *tsundere prince Lee Young, along with B1A4‘s Jin Young both fell in love with the same person. He was asked what he would do in real life if both he and his good friend fell for the same person, he thought for a while and replied ” I choose love.” This unexpected answer surprised the reporters present, so he explained “Because I cannot (bear to) imagine the scenario in which the person I like marries my good friend.”

* I am not so sure about how they call Lee Young tsundere, because he is not.
Why are they so shocked? Bogum has replied the same way during his Reply 88 interviews and he had picked love over friendship then too.

After < Moonlight > has ended, he went to America’s Los Angeles for a magazine photoshoot, and used his free time for some sightseeing. Being his first time in the US, he shared with wide eyes ” Everything was so amazing! “

What stirred him the most was the famous “HOLLYWOOD” signage. As he excitedly talked about this, he slapped his thigh and told reporters ” I went there twice! “ He also visited the TCL Chinese Theatre’s Hollywood Walk of Fame, saw the stars’ handprints in the concrete, and felt a surge of emotion, he said with a determined look ” I suddenly had a larger goal, and hope that I will be able to master the language (English), to have a chance to work in Hollywood.”

Being scandal free since his debut, his co-stars have all praised him for his kind personality and has no flaws, so has he ever done any acts of rebellion before?

He tilted his head for 10 seconds and could not come up with an answer, until they have started to change the topic of discussion, and suddenly said ” Not contacting parents or replying late.” When reporters replied that these type of situations is very common and most people are doing it everyday, he replied seriously ” But parents will worry.” showing how filial he is.

< Moonlight Drawn by Clouds > will air starting this Thursday, from Monday to Friday at 10pm on videoland and the OST album is now for sale in Taiwan. Park Bo Gum will have his Taiwan Fanmeeting on January 22, 2017 at the National Taiwan University Sports Center and the fanmeet tickets will be available for sale this Saturday 3pm on ibon.

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