…My intention is not to become famous to gain more money and honor. To become an actor who would always be fresh and memorable in order to convey comfort was my desire…..
“…To Lee Yeong who had the appropriate longing for freedom that was right for his age but had to learn to feel the weight of the crown that wasn’t right for his age, for expressing it, I wanted to tell him that he’s suffered and done well.”
“…The intent was to make it look beautiful and innocent. I never thought that ’the passion has to be intense’.”

“I want to become a person who is a good influence”

…“To be a person who provides a good influence is the reason I wanted to be an actor. I feel warm and grateful whenever I hear that someone is getting strength or healing from me. Just this is a great blessing for me. I want to be a good influence and a warm person.”…
…During his interview with Taiwanese media, it was mentioned how he is a “star with zero negative comments“. He expressed that if he met people who don’t respect or show understanding to others, he will still feel unhappy at times…..

” I suddenly had a larger goal, and hope that I will be able to master the language ( English ), to have a chance to work in Hollywood.”……

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