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Were you happy with the ‘R88’ ending?

Since I was faithful to the script, I acted according to how it was written. I only found out Taek was the husband after reading the episode 19 script.
From the beginning, the director told us ‘You are all the main character. Don’t worry about who will be the husband, and who will be highlighted more in the production etc.’ After hearing those words, regardless of who became the husband I just wanted Deoksun to make a happy choice.

How did you feel after Taek-ie was confirmed to be the husband in ‘R88’?

I kept thinking that Jeonghwan would become the husband as well. Even though there were parts where it felt like Taek would be the husband, I thought that there would be another twist towards the end and that it would be ‘UhNamRyu’. But it continued to the end like that without a twist. I was greatly surprised with the ending too.

Is your real life personality similar to Taek?

I think it’s similar. The biggest area is that we both have a tendency to be gentle in appearance but quite strong in spirit. We’re also similar in that once we are fixed on something we’re good at concentrating on that one thing. Also, I, like Taek, like milk. (laughs)

In real life, do you act like Taek towards the girl you like?

Yes. I’m the type that falls really deep when I fall for someone, so I go ‘all-in’ and love one girl.

Out of the Ssangmun-dong quintet, is there someone you match well with or have gotten closer to?

After all, I’ve been in a production with Kyungpyo hyung before, so we were close from the start. I think it’s (their relationship) gotten stronger through this production. Kyungpyo hyung treats me as though I’m his real younger brother. I felt really thankful to him.
If I were to talk about the others as well, Donghwee hyung is really funny like his character in the drama. Seeing how hyung was able to bring out the best of the lines that he was given, made me think that I want to be able to deliver my lines like that too. Junyeol hyung is the type that looks at and analyses his script a lot. They all took care of me like real big brothers.
Ah, Hyeri is really like Deoksun. She was the vitamin on set, and it’s fun when you’re together with her.


Would you like to work with Hyeri again?

If it’s through a good production, I would definitely like to.
But I think I would be even happier if all the families of Ssangmun-dong were to meet up again. Taek was always doing something by himself. There were lots of cases where he would be playing baduk by himself, or be at the Korean Baduk Association by himself, especially at the start of the drama. So I felt lonely a lot of times during the filming (of the drama). But the producers and actors looked after me really well after finding out so I was okay.

Did you only have Taek in mind when you auditioned?

I didn’t even know what roles there were. The script Shin Wonho PD-nim gave me wasn’t a ‘R88’ script. I was given a script that had characters with a similar feel (to those in Reply 1988), and acted (based on that script).
I don’t know exactly what the competition ratio was for the auditions, but I heard that there were a lot of people who auditioned.

Was your dream originally to become an actor?

When I was little, I had a vague idea that I wanted to become a celebrity. Especially since I liked singing while playing the piano, I wanted to become a musician. That’s why I recorded a video of me singing while playing the piano and sent it to (some) big entertainment companies. The CEO of the company I’m currently in right now, watched the video and casted me. He told me that being an actor would suit me, and that I could release albums and promote as a singer while being an actor, so I decided to become an actor after hearing his words.

Are there any of your lines or scenes that you particularly remember in R88?

The scene where Taek confesses his feelings towards Deoksun for the first time saying ‘Let’s watch a movie’ was particularly memorable.
Aside from that, the scene where Taek’s dad just couldn’t bring himself to say ‘I love you’ to Taek and hugs him tightly, and when Taek’s dad says ‘it would be nice if dad had a good friend beside him like you, too.’ The line where Taek says ‘I want dad to be happy’ etc, I liked the scenes where Taek and his father would exchange their feelings.

Are there any genres or roles you would like to try in the future?

Honestly speaking, there are a lot of roles I want to take on. I still haven’t shown (the public) much. I want to hear that “the actor Park Bogum is able to suit the role regardless of what he is given”. Firstly, before it’s too late, I want to try acting in a warm youth romance (production) while wearing a uniform. I want to try a historical (production), I’d like to try an action (production) as well, comedy is good as too.. There are lots of roles and productions (that he wants to try), but amongst them I want to take on a character that can touch the hearts, and relay a message to a lot of people. It would be even better if it’s a role that I can pull off well.

Is there an actress you would like to work with?

If it’s actresses, then I’m in no position to be picking and choosing (laughs).
Who am I to be choosing one actress out of all the actresses. Firstly, I want to try acting with Yeo Jingoo-ssi. Even though he’s young, I think there’s a lot of things I can learn from him. If given the chance, I want to meet him in a good production.

How is your relationship with your father in real life?

In real life, my father isn’t quiet (like his father in R88). I talk a lot with my father, and we’re close. Our family as a whole, is the kind that gets together and talks a lot.

Watching the (Reply 1988) behind the scenes videos, you’re really close with Hyeri-ssi, and on Music Bank you work well with Irene. Was your personality where you can treat women without reserve, formed because you have an older sister?

I think so. But when a women and man are together, there are definitely things they feel awkward with (in the other person) at the beginning. At times like that, I think it’s only right for the man to take initiative, so I try hard to do so. Even with the kiss scene with Deoksun, I was really embarrassed but I pretended that it wasn’t a big deal and tried not to show that I was embarrassed. (laugh)

Between love and friendship, which would you choose in real life?

I’ve thought about it. In the end I think I would choose love. I’ve mentioned it before but I’m the style that falls really deeply once I’m into someone.

When did you experience your first love?

The person I met (dated) in middle school, I met until high school. I think we met for an extremely long time, but I can’t remember exactly how long we met for. During the time we dated, there were a couple of times where we broke up and got back together again.

I heard that you personally directed a performance at Myongji University. Are you like all the normal students during lessons?

That’s right. I want to keep directing performances. My fellow students all treat me really comfortable whenever I go (to class).
Lately I’ve been worrying that I won’t be able to apply for my courses online. (laugh) If I were to go later, and the lecturer accepts my application, I’m afraid that there will be people saying that I got special treatment because I’m a celebrity. I’m worrying even more because of that.

It could be that you might get used to your popularity down the track, do you have any ways of controlling yourself for those times?

Since I am here in this place thanks to the love given by the fans, and the support from the people from my company and my family, I don’t think I’ll think of popularity as something that is a given. I’m really thankful to the people who are cheering for me. I think the people at my company and my family are the biggest sources of strength for me.

You’ll still be acting 10 years later, what kind of evaluations/assessments would you like receive as an actor?

Since it’s unknown as to when I’ll be able to keep acting until, I’m just going to keep doing my best (in acting) until I can. I would like it if people thought ‘Park Bogum is quite a warm person’, ‘He’s someone I want to act with’, ‘He’s someone that has brings a positive influence on a lot of people’.

Fundamentally, I want to become an actor that is good at acting.

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