Park Bo Gum:
“The final kiss with Kim Yoo Jung, I knew after I saw the screen”

“I am going to try it once. That bad love.”
With these words, Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum) met his lips together with the lips of his disguised eunuch Hong Sam Nom (Kim Yoo Jung). On KBS2 drama ‘Moonlight Drawn By Clouds’, this was the appearance of the first kiss scene, the scenario required colorful flowers and flowering plants filling the Crown Prince’s garden as a beautiful backdrop to fit well with the sincerity of the two people.
Park Bo Gum said “Exactly 18 years, 19 years Lee Yeong and Hong Ra On’s developing love was what we were able to show” and the romantic acting with Kim Yoo Jung is a good memory.

“Since Kim Yoo Jung is a minor, there were some opinions that the level of romance was insufficient. However, I  did not think the romance level was insufficient at all.

Rather, since there was a good amount of expressions of affection, I thought it was good.

The intent was to make it look beautiful and innocent. I never thought that ’the passion has to be intense’.”

However, the viewers wanted to see Park Bo Gum’s passionate romantic acting, and Lee Yeong and Hong Ra On’s last kiss that appeared in the final episode held some regrets.

About this topic, Park Bo Gum is a little embarrassed and said “(a-hem smiles) That is something that when I’m older and more experienced, I’ll say “jjan” and show you then.”

(My note: “jjan” is a Korean expression equivalent of “ta-da”.)

“Ah, the ending shot that we did. Then we were rushing to finish the shooting. That was something that I realized after I watched it on screen. I can’t remember how we did it while we were shooting.”

To Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoo Jung was the best teacher.

Sweet 18 year old Kim Yoo Jung is young in age, but she made her acting debut in 2003 at age 5.

Park Bo Gum was surprised by Kim Yoo Jung while shooting the pit trap scene. Kim Yoo Jung responded to the adlib that Park Bo Gum threw at her, making it look good, and creating their chemistry.

“Anything that was hard, it was probably even harder for Kim Yoo Jung.

She played character with a wide range of emotions. So, I felt that Yoo Jung-ie was amazing. Expressing Hong Sam Nom as lovable, Yoo Jung was great.

Because we were able to act together, I was really happy. In the pit as I held Yoo Jung and ad-libbed ’try stretching your arm out further’, Yoo Jung-ie responded ‘why don’t you try using a little more strength’ matching my line with her ad lib. I felt that she had sense. And, I was a little surprised.”

cr: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds kbs | Not originally in this article

Like Lee Yeong who is straightforward with his love and his work, Park Bo Gum is also a straightforward man.

“I also tend to be focused* when I am working, focused* when I’m dating.

Since I can’t concentrate on more than one thing at a time, worrying about the rest is difficult. When I’m dating, if I like her, I express that I like her.

(Now that you’re resting, you’ll have to date?)
No. Now that I’m resting, I have to go back to school.”

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