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‘Reply 1988’ finished after raising a lot of hot topics.

It was a big honor to be able to participate in a such warm production, I’m very thankful. I think that’s the reason why I’m able to sit here and have this interview.

1988 was before you were born. Wasn’t it hard to understand the feelings from back then?

I tried hard to listen to a lot of songs from back then. But still, even though I listened to the songs, I still couldn’t completely understand the feelings. So I asked my family about it too. I think it was easier to understand because the scriptwriters wrote detailedly in the script. They prepared down to the small props which helped us to know and understand more about the days back then.

In regards to who Deoksun’s husband is in the drama, the words ‘UhNamRyu’, ‘UhNamTaek’ were being used back and forth. In the end, Taek-ie became the husband.

I think it’s ‘UhNamTaek’ for ‘Somehow the husband is Taek’. (laughs) Even I didn’t know I was the husband.

I just thought it (Taek) was a role that was in a one-sided (unrequited) love. At the beginning, Deoksun liked Sunwoo but then liked Jeonghwan later. So I thought it would be the two of them (Deoksun and Jeonghwan). I thought ‘Even though Taekie kept expressing his feelings, in the end it should be ‘UhNamRyu’’, so I was surprised since she really got together with Taek in the end.

How was it when you found out you were the husband.

I was fascinated and puzzled saying, “Wow, it’s me?”

I think this is the first role in a drama where you’ve won the girl.

That’s right. This is the first time I’ve played a role that ends up together with the female lead. From the beginning of the drama the director told us that “You are all the leading and supporting characters of this production”, and I was in the situation where I was just thankful that I was joining this series. So rather than thinking about who would become the husband, I wanted Deoksun to make a happy choice.

I was already happy with the fact that I was appearing in a good drama. I didn’t have any thoughts like “I need to become the husband”, or “I’m going to become the husband”.

I heard that you filmed your first kiss scene in this drama.

It was the first kiss scene in a production for both Hyeri and I. It was really embarrassing but I tried to pretend that it wasn’t a big deal/be calm. I had heard that the male actor should look after (the actress) and take the lead especially in times like that, so that had an influence.
Even the camera director paid extra attention to make sure to shoot that scene so that it came out prettily.

We even heard that you’re a master of kissing.

Me? (He was really surprised, and his originally big eyes got even bigger.) I was really fascinated when I heard that the dream kissing scene recorded the highest views (online).

Were there any NG’s when filming.

Our noses were squashed too often, and our noses were running a lot too. So it was nice that the director still filmed it prettily.

Is there a scene in the drama you particularly remember the most.

There’s a lot.
There’s a scene where Taekie says “Let’s watch a movie” and confesses his feelings for the first time. That scene made my heart skip a beat.

The scene where Jeonghwan tells Deoksun “Don’t, (don’t) go on the blind date” made me really fluttery too. I wasn’t there in person when they filmed that. I watched it later from the perspective of a viewer when it aired on TV.

The scene I think was the greatest is the scene where Taek and his dad are talking about the issue of him (Taek’s dad) remarrying. When Taek’s dad says “it would be nice if dad had a good friend beside him like you, too.” and Taek smiles saying “If dad is happy, then I’m fine with it all”. That part was the most touching.

“It was a big honor to be able to participate in a such warm production, I’m very thankful.”

You said your heart skipped a beat when you said “Let’s watch a movie”, have you ever done that in real life to a girl that you liked.

It’s been too long (I don’t remember). I haven’t dated once since debuting.
They said that I had a dating scandal with (Jang) Nara noona, but I don’t know why it started. So I was sorry and a bit embarrassed to contact her. Because the article were being released like that.

Do you have someone you like right now. Not your fans, but a female your age.

It’s been too long (I don’t remember). I haven’t dated once since debuting.
There are a lot of females that I like. (We asked him for specifically) Who they are, are a secret.

Along with Hyeri in the drama, you’re also currently working together with Red Velvet member Irene for Music Bank. Between the two of them, is there one that is closer to your ideal type?

It’s hard to choose just one. They’re both my ideal type.

Your ideal type is?

Someone who can make up for the parts where I’m lacking (and vice versa), and someone who I can learn from. I want to meet a girl that is mother-like, while still like a friend.

You were dragged along to tvN ‘Youth Over Flowers’ after the drama finished.

I technically did think about wanting to go on ‘Youth Over Flowers’. Because there aren’t a lot of programs where you get to go on holiday to somewhere far away with people your age to make memories. I thought about who I would want to go with if I were to go on the program, so I was really surprised and honoured that that dream came true so quickly. It was also really fascinating to see Na Youngsuk PD-nim, who I’ve only ever seen on TV, in person. The trip was so enjoyable that I think it will become yet another unforgettable memory for me.

Wasn’t it tough. Seeing photos of when you returned to Korea, your face looked really tanned.

I’ve gotten really dark. Fortunately the lighting is dark right now and my makeup is done well. But still, it was enjoyable more than tough. The other hyungs suffered a lot more than me.

Let’s move back onto the topic of productions. The ‘R88’ this time successfully received a lot of love, and you are receiving a lot of attention for your kind and innocent image. Don’t you worry that this image might be an obstacle going forward.

I’ve never had those thoughts. If you look at the productions I’ve been in up until now, not considering viewership ratings and the significance of my role, there have been a lot of things that I’ve learnt. To me, I think that each participating in each production is me taking one step forward at a time. That’s why I don’t get, and won’t be discouraged by my past productions or anything like that. Because if I do my best in each moment, somewhere along the line, people will acknowledge and love me. I try not to dwell on that though.
In ‘I remember You’, the drama I appeared in before ‘R8’, I even acted as a psychopath. It was a really refreshing and fun experience. If given the chance, I would like to challenge that kind of role again.

As an actor, do you have a role model?

The sunbaenims I meet in each production are all my rolemodels. I’ve found that it’s not easy to act in a way that a lot of people can relate to. That’s why I’ve felt that the sunbaenims are really amazing. I have an even bigger desire to turn all those people’s good points into my own.

But I sometimes have these thoughts as well. The thought that I want to hear someone say that “Park Bogum is my role model”. In order to become someone like that, won’t I need to become the guiding star for a lot of people? That’s why living a little more honestly and cleanly in order to become a person who has a positive influence is also my dream as well.

Is there a genre you want to try for your next production?

There’s a lot. I want film a youth romance (production) while wearing a school uniform, I want to try action and comedy, there are a lot of genres and roles I really want to try.

What kind of actor do you hope to be remembered as.

I want to become an actor that receives the compliment “No matter what kind of role Park Bogum is given, he turns it into his own style really well.”

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