Thanks dear fellow fans who have kept voting or kept helping to spread posts to other fans to encourage voting! ♥♥♥

Its been rather tiring but there is only 3 days more until Apr 28 – the last day of voting!!

We can do this!

Thanks to everyone’s super amazing effort, the results are great today!


DAILY VOTE ROSE an amazing 8.22% Difference

TOTAL VOTE DIFFERENCE WENT UP a very precious 0.96%

No time to relax though, it is a fight till the end now! ♥

Even though we have been rising steadily, please don’t lose the momentum we built these two days!
To fans hoping to ‘save’ their votes until the last day, please try to pitch in everything you have, every day now until the end.

The final % is based on Total Vote count, so since we have 3 days left to vote, that is additional 30 votes every account is capable of contributing.

If 100 people voted their full 30 votes, by the last day, we get 3000 more votes in case our rival has anything left up their sleeve to launch suddenly at us. This is better than being helpless on the last day, wishing we put those votes in a few days before! Remember that heart stopping moments on Sunday night? Let’s not go through that again!


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