As I don’t read Japanese nor Korean, I can’t really tell you who is Click! StarWars.

Suffice to say, it seems large and legit enough that other fandoms are involved in their various polls and events.

What brings us today to this site is a Birthday Project for Bogummy!

A HUGE THANK YOU for our good friend from ArigatoBGJapan who patiently taught me how to navigate this site!


EVENT PERIOD : 2017 MAY 29 – 2017 JUNE 12


Everyone can help! At this point in time, if we put our numbers to it, we will need just (100000-39918) / ( 9 free stars per day x 10 days )…

Thats around 668 passionate Bogum fans with FREE Rainbow stars!

It won’t take you more than 15min a day!

GOAL : 100,000 Rainbow Stars 

Will get a FREE Video display for Bogum at a Billboard that is near the Tokyo Station ( 3 min distance ) with daily foot traffic of 100 000 people.

This video display will run from June 13 – June 19 2017, 4 times per hour, total of 48 times per day.

GOAL : 200,000 Rainbow Stars 

REVISED: Billboards in Seoul, Apgujeong Station. Additional 43 stations along Line 2. ** Thank you for translation ♥ @ArigatoJapan

This video display will run from June 13 – 19 as well. Let’s make it happen!!


For an even more detailed Step by Step guide, please head over to Park Bogum Singapore Fanclub page.
Thank you so much for contributing!


It is FREE to register for an account.

All you need is a working email address.

You would be prompted to pick ONE star to support with this account.

Of cos we pick 박보검 .


Either right click if you are on PC and choose Translate to English, or Click the Upper left button to put it to Korean.

Afterwhich you should be able to get a rough translated site.

Choose the third option ” COLLECT STARS “.


Mainly we focus on the first three ways to collect the stars – Both Gold and Rainbow.
Attendence Check gets 1 gold, View News gets 30 gold , Suggested gets 9 rainbow.

Attendence makes you take a short quiz to authenticate. News is the easiest way to get the Gold stars.


But for this event, you can just focus on the RAINBOW STARS.

From the Page with many ‘stamps’, Go to “TODAY’S FREE STARS”.

That is obtained from the third option “Suggested”. These sponsored article links are from the “View News” pages.
So all you need to do is go to 3 pages of news using the “shortcuts”, and click the Sponsored links from there.

Then GO BACK to the page you came from, you should see a dialog box to collect the 3 Rainbow stars.

IF you do not see any sponsored links, like it happened to me the first time, Check if your Ad-blocker is on. Disable on this site so that the links will appear.

Please note it is One News Article | One Sponsored Link.
Either use your PC or your phone to log into your account and it should be very fast to collect the rainbow stars.


They are used for other events, such as the one going on right now “SMILE ANGEL”.

Note: Stars will not last forever, so there is no point stock piling them. (The english trans is funny hahah)


SPONSORED LINKS are above The Buttons :

List goes back to the main page of News. News articles that you already visited will become dark.

Receive is how you collect your gold stars.

Remember to GO BACK to the news page you came from, you need to click confirmation to get the Rainbow stars.


It is so much faster to cast your stars into the sea than collecting them.

Just go back to the Events Page here for Japan link | here for Korea link.

1 is to Cast your stars. You can just type in the amount from your total to cast them. No need to click one at a time.

3 is Contribution History by other fans. Its so awesome to see everyone pitching in! ♥


There is of course, a way to get more stars with a faster method. However, you need a friend in Korea who can buy the stars on your behalf. This is because so far, only Koreans can purchase the Rainbow stars with their credit cards. You can access the CHARGE option from the Korea page.

But with enough fans contributing with their free stars, I am sure we can hit 100k soon! We are almost half way there!

I think Bogum will be happiest seeing many fans using free stars, rather than fans having to spend money on his Birthday Event.

But the stars are so cheap! hahaha FYI


of this very long tutorial.


|   Please feel free to use any of these images to translate to your own tutorial for Bogummy.   |

Disclaimer :

All the activities should be done in moderation and only in your precious free time.

NO real life relationships should suffer or be strained due to fangirl activities.

As our dear Bogummy has set a great example to follow: students should prioritize your studies.
Eg Vote or Study for Exams? STUDY!
Sleep or Vote? Sle..-Vote!…er…Slee…

Thanks to all my friends who taught me the precious ways to fangirling, I learnt so much from you all in this past year.
I shall fangirl well…

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