After two long years ( a whopping 771 days – thanks Jesse ), Park Bo Gum has finally made his drama comeback! After carefully selecting through many scripts, he finally made his choice on tvN’s Boyfriend ( namja chingu ), aka Encounter.


Setting hair hearts fluttering with his decision to keep his hair long, Bogum has unintentionally made a refreshing new look for his role, as well as spawning numerous news articles about his hair style haha…


Right after his university graduation in Feb 2018, Bogum gained more odd-jobs experience by working part-time at Hyori’s Homestay ( Season 2 ).

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Ahem….is it wrong of me to think even his shadow is handsome? Anywaaaay….

As Kim Jin Hyuk, Bogum channels the super-attractive bookworm, staying true to his studious ways. 9U3OIQGZWNBIFSYGUOIDFF85JRG5AE8M8CGEB1PRS6MDGERGYN8NEK1D8QCQ

Finally,  today, Nov 21, we finally had the Press Conference of Boyfriend!
Park Bogum steps out dashingly in Christian Dior and his makeup is just perfect!



Joining the big PBG Union ( Korean and International fanclubs), Singapore fans managed to proudly send a 100kg rice wreath to congratulate his long-awaited return to KDramaland! Thank you so much, Dreame for an amazing service!


So, are you feeling the warm vibes in this coming cold winter?
Or if you are in Asia, time to cuddle up in the gloomy rainy days…

Looks like what happened in Cuba, won’t be staying in Cuba…
And so, this love story starts in one week. Get your tissues ready people!



See you next Wednesday!!♥


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