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from Chinese translation taken from Park Bo Gum Bar on weibo

The whole of Asia has fallen in love with Park Bo Gum’s smile.

Let’s talk about the 5 key words/areas that make up Park Bo Gum. 

It is as if the whole of Asia has been hit by the Bogum syndrome because people all over Asia have been swept up in this phenomenal Bogum wave. He’s such a sensational actor as he has caused all the people he has met to feel blessed and healed by him. Let’s find out what this Bogum Magic is all about.


1. Syndrome 

Although outwardly he has an adorable puppy like appearance, measuring 182cm in height, he also comes in a manly package and stature. His acting skills need no further elaboration. In addition to having great acting skills, he also plays musical instruments such as the cello and he can sing. For his drama MDBC, he released his first OST. At last year’s year end award ceremonies, he also impressed everyone with his great emcee skills, earning the reputation of being one of the most impressive Emcees. Given all these impressive attributes, it is not a wonder that he is now one of the hottest celebrities in South Korea. His Asia Tour fan meetings in HK, Taipei, Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore in 7 Asian countries were attended by over 26,000 fan audience in total.



2. Learned, Refined Person 

(I couldn’t find an exact match for the Chinese phrase but it means a learned, cultured and discerning personality, basically a word that describes a refined person)

Bogum said, “in one episode of MDBC, the Crown Prince said that he shall take responsibility for what he has said and he will act according to his words. This line left a deep impression on me. A short statement can cause great harm to others; it can really hurt another person’s feelings. That’s why I must be careful with my words. I must speak and act carefully. I must face all things with a humble but positive heart. I believe this is the best approach to everything that will bring about good and positive outcomes eventually.” The reporter noted that this refined upbringing is also one of the reasons that makes him so special.



3. Career

Bogum said although acting wasn’t his first choice for a career, he has been enjoying his career. He said, “I am very happy to do what I’m doing. I’m thankful that this is a career which allows me to experience many things in life and I’m thankful that I can enjoy this. I also realize that this is a gift from God. If I hadn’t become an actor, I think I would have chosen to be a language teacher. Since young, I love the Korean language and I want to share my love for the language with others. The other career I might go into is an air steward. Since young, when I traveled, I have been fascinated with the prospect of meeting and interacting with people from different places and cultures and an air steward can do that as part of his job.”



4. Bap Bogum

It is a well known fact that he loves to eat. He has found all the food he has taken in Japan to be delicious, from sushi to even food bought from convenience shops. In fact he likes the food so much that he told the reporter he would love be to come back to Japan just for the food. He also likes the way Japanese people present their food in pretty and colorful packaging and presentation. When he was asked what Korean food he would recommend, he said he was hard put to choose as there are just too many good food to try in SK, but yes, he would recommend cabbage soup and bean curd soup (I think it’s bean curd soup though I’m not 100% sure).


5. Motivated 

Although his schedule in Japan was tight, he managed to squeeze in some time to go to Mt Fuji. He said that except for the portion where he was prevented to go due to strong winds, he has explored as much of Mt Fuji as he could. This was one place he was determined to go to upon setting foot in Japan. He also wants to learn diving and attain a diving licence. When asked if he had any regrets, he said his greatest regret was that he is limited by language and cannot communicate freely with his fans and the people he meets. He said, “I will work hard to learn the different languages. The next time we meet, I hope I can present you with a better person who can speak your language and understand you better.” The reporter said actually he was just being humble as she/he could tell that he understood the Japanese language as he could respond to the questions without any interpretation. The reporter said you can really see that he is a person who works hard in all that he does. In his eyes, you can detect his self motivation, determination and ambition.

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New fans of Bogum, please join the Park Bo Gum Soompi Forum to keep up and discuss the latest news about him. Have fun!

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