Due to some bugs, the Android version of the Voting app had been released first.

This voting is similar to the Baeksang Voting App from the earlier part of the year.

Find theAsia Artist Awards  App in the Playstore or iTunes store (still Unavailable to Many Countries) .

Log into the App, and you will be prompted to Register via a Google Account.

Once you try to vote, you will be asked to verify your Country and Phone Number.


Select your Country from the dropdown list, and enter your phone number.

There has been reports of bugs with numbers from USA… Please Email the developers fandomchart@gmail.com

“Cellphone authorization in foreign countries may take longer time or be omitted due to network problem.
In case of not receiving the text message on the same day, please contact customer service (fandomchart@gmail.com) and send your phone number including a country code as well as user code which can be found at application setting. Thank you.”

Thanks for sharing this info, Joyce💖


Now that you are authenticated, before you can start voting, you need to charge some points.

As of today, we cannot charge the points yet by purchase yet.

Log into your Facebook Account and join the 2 events in A Charging Station.

This will get you 800 free points which you can vote 8 times.


You can install game apps and level according to the requirements for some more points to vote.

DO NOTE: Some Apps are really a pain to play and some free Trials may require your credit card, which you need to pay attention to the trial period before they start to charge you and incur more costs.


If this is like Baeksang, every day’s voting is important so let’s try to maintain a margin of difference.

The Top 10 will go to the Final Round.

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