With ” Moonlight Drawn by Clouds ” heading strong into its finale , on Oct 15, Park Bo Gum 박보검 has been placed first again in the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation‘s monthly Drama actor brand value index for the period from Sep 13 – Oct 14. He is now ranked number 1 for two consecutive months.

source: rekorea.net

“The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation serves to quantify Hallyu stars and their so-called ‘brand’ or reputation value mainly through consumer behavior. The analysis creates the brand index by weighing several categories including participation, communication, media, community, and social indices.”  (English translated excerpts from Allkpop, Sep 2016.)

Park Bo Gum placed first for the month of Oct, recording 5,763,400 for participation index, 1,760,832 for media index, and 3,505,072 for communication index for an overall brand value of 11,029,304.

source : rekorea.net [ OCT 2016 ]

source : rekorea.net [ SEP 16 – OCT 15 ]

Other sources : Naver


16 NOVEMBER 2016
Grand Peace Hall
Kyung Hee University in Seoul

First awards held by STARNEWS with partners

Bogum is now the 2nd place after the first round of voting. 

The second round of voting will be from Oct 24 – Nov 2 by app.


On OCT 4, his Weibo followers have finally hit 1M … It is now 1071978 as of today.
What an achievement!
This has to be due to the popularity of ‘Moonlight’ in China, even though it has only been shown exclusively by Mango TV.
( thanks for keeping tabs on this Joyce and Jesse! )

OCT 22 News:


Actor Park Bo-gum wins ‘older’ women’s hearts
“Park Bo-gum, the 23-year-old star of the recently ended TV series “Love in the Moonlight,” is basking in that glory more than ever and enjoying a phenomenon shared by few others in the industry, with a following of women not only in their 20s and 30s, but also in their 60s and 70s.
Park portrayed a young and mischievous crown prince who falls in love with a woman disguised as a eunuch. In his endearing character, the “mothers” and “grandmothers” who watched the series saw the manifestation of the son they always wished they had. His traditional attire and conservative manners as a Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) prince probably added to his charm.”
Excerpts from English translated article by KPOPHERALD


“Park Bogum captivates fans from teens to grandmas… reminiscent of ‘Yonsama syndrome’
His schedule for the rest of 2016:
” Park Bogum who finished (filming) ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ is now carrying out commercial filming schedules which have piled up. In November he will be travelling to Europe and US for a photoshoot which also doubles as a holiday.
There are also plans underway for a fanmeeting tour around Asia from the end of the year.
Director (of Blossom Entertainment) Seung ByeongOk relayed: “He (Bogum) lost so much weight while ‘live filming’ his drama, he was (almost) in the state of being on the brink of collapsing” and that “He will rest for the time being and will choose his next production in the first half of next year”. “
Trans by Snorants
Source: Nate | Yonhap | Naver | Netizenbuzz

Due to his extremely kind, polite and respectful image added to his wonderful talent for acting his role as Lee Yeong, Bogummy has sparked romantic feelings in teens, and triggered the maternal instincts in noona to grandma fans…
From some photos which had spread over the internet, it appears he has some new demographic as well…
(cr to the individual owners , thanks for finding them Joyce)

And lastly, Bogummy magic can enchant your pets too…

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