From one humble fan to another:

I am a fan who is barely a year old… a baby fan!
It may not be our place to be telling other new fans what to do or how to behave, but we still feel we should help and say something.
Please allow us to humbly share what my friends have observed as Bogummy’s new international fans…

Since the success of Reply 1988, Park Bogum has been growing in exponential spurts, into somewhat of a modest Hallyu star!
His followers may not be in the millions like idol groups, but his popularity is no joking matter!
He won numerous Asian awards or Global awards like Dramafever.

While we are very happy and glad to see this, there are also side effects that this popularity is causing.

One fine day if you happen to see Park Bogum in real life, and all thought and logic may be gone, but if you can muster up the willpower to override your fangirl brain, try to please remember this:

Keep a respectable distance from him. Give him breathing room of 2-3m.

It seems like Bogum does not like to be crowded.

cr: Park Bogum Baidu bar

After the international fans who did not stay behind barriers and crowded around him, at the KBS ‘Mubank Walk’ on 20 May 2016, Blossom management arranged to let him enter by the underground carpark for the next two weeks. He was apologetic and even took the trouble to come out of the building to greet the waiting fans.

Keep your distance, and he will be friendly, smile and wave to you like the good, kind boy he is.

Try to not scream so loudly.

It seems that Bogummy does not like loud noises.



Lee Woo Jung added traits to Taek that is similar to Bogummy, so we are only guessing here…

Bogummy is not Taek, but Taek is definitely part-Bogummy.

Ask for permission before you take photos of him.

It seems that Bogum does not like people to shove their phones or cameras in his face.

Smile at him, convey your fan feelings politely and leave a beautiful memory instead of a shaky blurry photo and causing him discomfort.

Please respect him as he is. Love him as he is. Quirks and all.

Please be understanding fans.
Don’t have expectations for fanservice that you expect him to fulfil.

Please just enjoy his acting and his works.

He is not an idol.

He is an actor. A singer. An artiste.

So please stop trying to crowd him or touch him.

Watch his works with your eyes. Listen to his songs with your ears.

And love him with your heart.

Disclaimer: We do not represent Blossom or Park Bogum in our guide. Its based on what we observed.

From his interview in Sports Dongha | OCT 29 :

“I don’t know how I should treat the fans” …he was concerned that his changing popularity and interest might distort himself.

“It’s because of the fans that I am able to do what I do. But misunderstandings could arise, so I’m concerned.”

“That day (of the fan signing), if I greeted them, many more people trying to see better kept pressing in closely. That’s when I realized. Ahh… with a movement of my hand, with one word, an accident could happen that harms a staff member or another person.

Thanks to 4evgbogummy, here is a translated account of one of Bogummy’s High School friend’s post:

” When we were in High School, I was in the same class as PBG. So I would consider us as being rather close. I have gone on to repeat my High School and have completed my military service. Time flies.

I just want to say that his personality is really like what you see on screen, except that he was quieter. He really has a very good personality. In High School, he was always surrounded by a lot of people. Sometimes, he would feel rather troubled by this. Because of this, he was always busy. However, if anyone were to ask him for a picture, he would always oblige with a smile, but he disliked having pictures of him taken without his knowledge.

But I have never seen him frown. Because he would be in school everyday, requests for pictures with him were not too many. Wherever he went, there would be a lot of activity. The people with him would be ignored and he was the center of everyone’s attention (please note the Chinese translation use the female gender for the “everyone” haha…).

If I were him, I’d not live an ordinary life. But he behaved normally and led a normal school life like everybody else.

Now, he has lost his baby fat and is even more good looking. He has always been very thin. But his face was more chubby and his eyes have always been round. He seems to have become more tanned though. ”

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