Its Day 2 and Park Bo Gum’s “Nae Saram” is still top on the Realtime instiz chart!

Shall we take a look at how this song has been received?

It seems that it’s so far, so great!

Here are some excerpts from some articles:

Park Bo Gum makes an all-kill on music charts with his OST song for ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’

“Park Bo Gum’s expressive vocals that range from calm to painful is equal to his acting ability, which is also filled with different expressive emotions. ” ~

“Park Bogum takes kpop charts by storm: Is he really a good singer?”

“Then, do you think Park Bogum is really a good singer? Well, I can’t say he is a great singer, but he’s not a bad singer either. As he didn’t have a professional training as a singer, his singing technique is a little bit rough, while it seems like he has a difficulty in hitting the high notes. However, his voice is pure and attractive, which means he has a potential. I don’t think he will be active as a singer in the future, but one thing is certain that the gentle-hearted young star will try to find various ways to please his fans.”

The most lovely thing is, people who met Bogum before also have very kind words to say!

Yoo Jae Hwan, also a singer who had debut in Infinite Challenge in October 2015, posted this in his Instagram account :

“I repent my self after I heard #ParkBoGum ‘s “My Person”, certified member of Bogum Ministry”

” Ah it’s really the best…

I really should sing a song with sincerity like him… I heard this song and repent so much… meanwhile I realized that I sang a song artificially so I’ll repent my self for sure…and I have this blessed photo, I’ll live with thankful mind for all of my life.. the photo that’s as precious as family photo … ”

source : translations by Irene1

Naver also reports on the OST release. And since its Naver, you know what to do! Please give the article a ♥
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Even international news sites are reporting about Bogum’s OST.
Our boy is making waves! And we cannot be prouder or happier!

You have worked very hard, Bogummy! 정말 고마워요!
Now how long can we help to keep him there? Just keep streaming…streaming…

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