From the moment fans heard the preview, and saw the song in action during the airing of Episode 15 of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, we were all ready to do what we can to support Bogummy’s first official debut song!

Just one day after the song launched on the midnight of Oct11, Bogummy’s fans were more than ready to purchase his OST, aptly named after an iconic line from his drama:
내 사람 Nae Saram
, My Person

This love ballad is easy on the ears, and Bogum sang it with all his heart and soul.
I don’t have to sell it, you know you love it if you came here to read this article! haha…

So how did it do? Like an incredible phenomenon equivalent to the force of an idol group – Bogum’s OST shot to the number 1 spot in many charts in Korea within a day. This feat has astonished many, as the number of articles discussing this since last night was aplenty. [ ref to the graph below and compare the pattern of the orange line which belongs to BTS, to Bogum’s red line ]

As it stands now, the OST is No.1 at the realtime chart with 180 points, and debut at No.6 at the weekly chart with 3196 points.
To put it in perspective, the No.2 realtime chart song has 140 and the top song at the weekly chart stands with 7894 points.
This OST has managed to get nearly half of the points in just one day!

How long can we maintain this? No matter what, I really want to give all the Bogummy fans from all over some well-deserved cheering, because we made something that seemed impossible happen.
Even if it is only for a day, it certainly is nothing short of Bogummy magic !

Thank you so much Snorants for sharing what you have learnt, that to reach No.1 on the Instiz chart realtime chart is nothing short of an incredible feat!

One will need to accumulate scores from 8 different Music Charts
Ole Music
Monkey 3

Different charts rankings will earn the song different scores based on ranking. Thus at the time I am writing this article, you can see that the OST earned 2x6 points from melon’s weekly cumulative score – the higher the rank, the more points one will get. And since this song charted first on Genie, the OST earns 10x3 from Overall chart and 10 from Comprehensive Chart – 40 points from Genie.

So far the OST ranking 1st in 10 of the different charts allowed it to stay at No.1 in the realtime chart.

As it stands the lowest this song is ranking is on melon at 13th and 6th, which is also the chart with the most bonus points based on rank. It is easy to get a melon account to purchase the song, feel free to ask if you require help.

I will cover the responses to this OST in anther post later today. Please keep supporting this OST!

Now to wait for Bugs! to release the official MV so that we can get the hits up too… yes we are really competitive aren’t we? But when Bogum is working this hard, we really should do something positive to show him our support!

Thanks to Irene and Snorants for the updates and translations and all friends who have kept the spirit going!

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