After what was shaping out to be a depressing affair for Bogummy fans, who had been holding out hope that he would be able to make it to the Reply 88 ‘reunion dinner’, no thanks to a sad empty chair.

After some scattered news that Moonlight only finished filming Ep15 on Saturday, we had a bad feeling that Sunday will be tied up with Ep16 filming… still we thought there would be a miracle since someone released news that Bogum had left the set and was heading towards the awards ceremony…

cr to unknown owner on Twitter

After a sad Part 1 with no awards for him at all… It was announced that Park Bogum won tvN’s ASIA Award! This was done through voting by the hard work of all his fans. We are all immensely proud and happy to have had a part in his award on this special night!

Following APAN news that Bogummy managed to ‘unite’ 3 network channels by promoting his KBS2 drama on a MBC Awards ceremony by winning with a cable channel tvN’s role. Our Crown Prince was once again unable to leave the Moonlight filming site and was still in his Crown Prince royal robes when tvN contacted him to do a never-before LIVE Video Uplink at an Awards Ceremony – tvN is a Contents Trend Leader indeed!

He dutifully did his tvN fanservice duties by reverting to Taekkie and sweetly looked for his Reply 88 costar, Deoksun, to the delight of all the Suntaek fans. This would be the last time the Reply88 drama would be seen at an Awards show, and thus was extra special to all their fans.

After a slight awkward pause, these two young stars recovered by cheekily referring to each other as “Wife” and “Husband”. Thanks to this lovely exchange which the MCs have cleverly arranged, the night became magical again.

As Hyeri have put it so nicely, we also hope that Bogum will become a World Star soon!

He may very well be already, considering how his fans have gathered from all around the world to support him!♥

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