Thanks to his currently airing drama ” Moonlight Drawn by Clouds ” that is a hit in South Korea, it was reported on September 21 that Park Bo Gum 박보검 has been placed first in the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation‘s monthly Drama actor brand value index for the period from Aug 13 – Sep 14. He had been ranked number 6 back in August.


“The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation serves to quantify Hallyu stars and their so-called ‘brand’ or reputation value mainly through consumer behavior. The analysis creates the brand index by weighing several categories including participation, communication, media, community, and social indices.

Park Bo Gum placed first for the past month, recording 6,998,700 for participation index, 2,128,320 for media index, and 3,246,008 for communication index for an overall brand value of 12,373,028.” (English translated excerpts from Allkpop.)

source : [ SEP 16 ]

Even in previous months from May to Aug during his ‘downtime’ without any projects, we can see Bogum has been within the Top 10.
( Can admin take a moment and feel a surge of pride for our humble boy? Please continue to shower him with love! ♥ )

source : [ MAY 16 – AUG 16 ]

Other sources : Naver

In other news, Park Bogum also ranked first in Moolmang August with his co-star Kim Yoojung taking top place for the ladies.

source: Moolmang

Moolmang Power Ranking is based on these data :
Number of search
Number of ‘Listed About’
Number of ‘Listed On’
Number of Votes obtained
Hits of Profile Page
Hits of Photo Gallery

Even his weibo followers have been steadily on the rise since his August 800k … It is now 962k as of today.
( thanks for keeping tabs on this Joyce and Jesse! )

I am so glad for our Bogummy, and just hope he gets more magazine shoots, and endorsement deals after Moonlight have a blessed completion! More eye candy for us, right? And we can NEVER have too much bogummy.

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