On the September 3 episode of KBS2 TV “Entertainment Weekly”,  the segment has brought us to the drama set located at Ansung, Gyeonggi-do. Actors Park Bo Gum, Kim Yoojung and Lee Junhyeok were in the midst of filming for a scene that has yet to be broadcasted. Bo Gum was filming for a scene in the Crown Prince’s residence, Donggongjeon(동궁전)  which exhibits the explosive charisma for the delinquent yet tsundere character, Lee Young. 

Interviewer Kim Taejin then approaches Park Bo Gum and addressed him as the “son of KBS”.  This is a very endearing term conferred to him as Blossom Entertainment shares close ties with KBS.  This was because, the father of Cha Taehyun who is one of the co founders of Blossom Entertainment, used to be an assistant director for special effects at KBS. Hence, the actors from Blossom Entertainment primarily work in KBS dramas and also in movies.

There was a small talk as the interviewer asked Bo Gum, “When did you arrive here?”.  Bo Gum replied politely that he departed at 6.30am and he did manage to catch some sleep in the car while he’s commuting to the filming site.

The hardworking actor was seen holding onto his drama script reciting his lines.  The interviewer noticed and asked Bo Gum and he replied that it was because he had a lot of lines to memorise.

겸 to the 손!!!!!  The word “겸손” means humble, modesty.

The interviewer moves on to talk about Cha Taehyun and Song Joongki, who are both Bo Gum’s sunbaes in the company.  The sunbaenim  was in full praise of Bo Gum’s  performance in the drama, as he mentioned that Bo Gum suits the character really well and think that it turns out well.  Whereas for Song Joongki,  he offered his advice to Bo Gum, who wasn’t very confident about his role  before the filming started.

The interviewer got cheeky and asked Bo Gum for a selca. He said that taking selca with celebrity is a new segment of “Entertainment Weekly” but the PD shouted across shortly and said “Hey was there such a segment?”.

The selca was taken and the file name was hilariously named as “보검이 옆 개불 하나. JPG” which can be translated to “one Urechis Unicinctus (p***s fish) beside Bo Gum.jpg” *laughs*

Moving on to the outdoors filming site, Entertainment Weekly has arranged for a coffee truck to reward the hardworking staffs and actors. The banner on the coffee truck is aptly named, as it cleverly includes the names of the characters  “Lee Young” and “Ra On” into “The amazing ratings that Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Ra On and Lee Young has brought”. 놀다 (shocked,amazing) -> 놀라운 (descriptive form)  -> 놀라온 (Neul Ra On) , 이요 -> 이영  (a cute way of ending a sentence).  The main leads also sat down for an interview with the interviewer as they begin to talk about how they feel about the ratings that doubled from 8.4% to 16.4% in Ep 1 to Ep 3 respectively.

The main actors were amazed of the increase of the ratings. The interviewer then asked them to mention the exact figure of the ratings, even though it may be embarrassing to talk about it personally.  “16.4%!!!!”, Bo Gum replied. Co-star Yoojung also further explained that the atmosphere at the filming site has also got better due to the great response.

With the increase of ratings, the interviewer was worried if the main cast could upkeep the 20% rating promise which Bo Gum mentioned 1 week ago on the same broadcast, as the cast is still busy filming for the drama at the moment.

Ah! Noooooooooooo! Bo Gum said they will uphold the promise!

Now that the drama will be approaching 20% soon as there’s only 4 episodes aired so far, the interviewer asked the cast to up its game and to give another rating promise if the ratings were to hit 30%.  He then suggested that both Bo Gum and Yoojung can perhaps, go onto another segment on “Entertainment Weekly” when the drama ends which is  known as Guerilla Date, where stars would go to a crowded place without prior notice and does fan service for fans who gathered during the filming.   He suggested that the both of them can go to the amusement park and play to their hearts’ content which they ain’t able to do so recently.

Bo Gum and his aegyo!!! Awwwwwww!! His immediate answer was a no when the interviewer said that he’s the most handsome Crown Prince ever. 

The interview moves on as it talks about Ra On’s stunning dance scene in EP 4.  Bo Gum imitated that scene with precised groove and Yoojung also imitated Bo Gum’s Boombastic dance as seen in Teaser 1.

Bo Gum then gave some insight of the scene in EP 1 when both Lee Young and Hong Samnom/Ra On fell into the dung pit .  He mentioned that the lines when he’s shouting furiously “야이 국밥세끼야!” was actually an ad lib that the director requested.  Most English subtitles for the drama would translate it as “Hey you little rascal!” but the 국밥 part was left out because it’s difficult to translate.  So what’s exactly 국밥 (guk bap or rice mixed in soup) and why Lee Young was shouting gukbap rascal?

That brings us back to EP 1 when Crown Prince and Hong Samnom/Ra On were having gukbap at a place outside the palace which was run by a former court lady from the royal kitchen, before both of them fell into the dung pit.

With the soaring popularity of the drama, the interviewer said that there’re a strong contender for Daesang for the annual KBS Drama Awards which is typically held on 31 Dec.  Modest Bo Gum replied “no” for that politely and said that he would be happy to receive the Best Couple Award, while the Daesang can go to Yoojung or the other main leads of Descendants of the Sun.

With the mention of “밥보검” or Eating Bo Gum, Bo Gum said that he had not ate for the day. However, the video showed later that, he has in fact ate very well for his meal *laughs*.

Well of course the interviewer had to go on and talk about the big chest muscle that Bo Gum was exhibiting unintentionally on the last episode of Entertainment Weekly.  It even became a hot topic and the video was published on the main page of Naver.

Bo Gum and his childlike aegyo melts the hearts of many noonas as he promise that he won’t throw away the Hongdae University Station eye mask that the interviewer gave him.

The interviewer asked Bo Gum and Yoojung to say something to each other. Bo Gum held onto Yoojung’s hands even though he wasn’t told to do so.  Both of them then end off  the heart to heart conversation with a friendly hug.

Bo Gum to Yoojung : “Even though I’m still lacking, thank you for taking care of me and giving me advice for acting.  Let’s go on a trip after the drama wraps up!


Yoojung to Bo Gum : “I’m glad and thankful that Lee Young is oppa, and I hope that we would be able to film happily from now on too.”

To end off the interview, the interviewer asked the main leads to compose a two line poem comprising of their characters names.

Bo Gum composed the poem for “Ra On” with sense, and replied with :

Ra On is

Only, you are the only one!

Yoojung went on and composed the poem and replied :

This is real.

Young is really handsome!

With an ending note, Bo Gum mentioned that he’s grateful for the immense amount of love that he has received, and that he will work hard to film for the drama to repay the love  of the audiences, whom he hope that they would enjoy the rest of the drama.

Let’s meet at the Gwanghwamoon fansign!!!!

Let’s look forward to the last episode of Bo Gum on 2D1N and the upcoming episodes of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. Yay!

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