Happy Sunday everyone! Hello all fellow Bogummy fans!  This week has been a whirlwind of updates for us as Love In The Moonlight has officially aired on KBS2! I hope that everyone, be it Bogum fans or even K Dramas fans, will enjoy the drama as it airs. The response from both international fans and also for K Netizens has been overwhelming. Like everyone, I have certainly enjoyed the micro-expressions that our lovely Crown Prince has exhibited.  But before we look forward to the broadcast of EP 3 and 4 on  Mondays and Tuesdays.  Let’s proceed to talk about the upcoming episode of 2D1N!

The previous episode of 2D1N has record a high rating of 19.9%, which was the highest rating ever recorded for the past 2 years. There’s also an increase of 5.2% as compared to the previous episode.   From witnessing Pocari Bogum gulping at least 2 litres of Pocari to the thoughtful Bogum who advised Kim Jong Min to go for the ride despite his fear of heights in order to create memories together, the “Bogum effect” is bound to continue on the upcoming episode of 2D1N today as we welcome some MOKBANG from BO GUM!!!

For the uninitiated, the term “mokbang” generally refers to  broadcast of eating show. It’s a combination of words from 먹다 (to eat) and 방송 (broadcast). There are many mokbang BJs (broadcasting jockeys) that are currently active on Afreeca.TV, and many of them also upload their past live streams on Youtube. They earn money through the balloons that their audiences sent to the BJs when they conduct their live stream.

Avid Bo Gum fans would know that our boy really loves and enjoys eating. One of the reasons he’s so beloved by older females is also because he eats so well.  Therefore, the anticipation of Bo Gum’s mokbang is really high!!  Somehow my mood is lifted whenever I see him eating!!

Dont miss out Park Bo Gum on the upcoming episode of 2D1N which will be broadcasted on KBS2 later at 18:15 KST! You may stream 2D1N live online through AQ Stream, ZOPTV or Idol TV.

Ending off with a cute GIF from KBSWorldTV 🙂


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