If rice could be a measure of how much Park Bogum is loved… He certainly is very, very loved!

DreamE contrasted this press con event with his single rice wreath which was sent by Thai fans back in March 2015 for his Chinatown movie, to the explosive display that we saw! In the space of one year and one drama, Bogummy certainly has come a long way into so many hearts!

The list of DreamE Orders. This does not include Star me which was used by domestic Korean fans.

In addtion to rice, there were thoughtful donations of corn meal as well as ramen.

They mentioned in their article that 6 countries participated using their service, including Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. However, we also donated under one combined rice wreath with our friends from Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Russia. It was wonderful to have been a part of this incredible show of support, and fans across the world made this happen together!

Here is a special shout-out to the Chinese Park Bogum fanclubs – there were several that sent different amounts of rice wreaths – that despite the very recent controversy and enormous pressure placed by some fellow netizens, they rallied and proved that true fans can see the truth.

We hope that our good intentions and thoughts will be able to be conveyed to Bogummy, and to all the cast and crew of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. We wish that this drama will become a wonderful masterpiece, which can be enjoyed by viewers from all over the globe, because youth romance, coming of age stories – even in a sageuk, is timeless.

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